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Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Touch Control US

  • 72 Bright Eye-Friendly LEDs
  • Optional Warm, Cool, & Neutral Lights
  • All Designed for Your Convenience
  • HD Mirror of 1X/2X/3X Magnification
  • Easy Power Supply & Ideal Gift
  • Dual Power Supply
  • Anti-Slip Holder
  • Side-Emitting LED Strip
  • Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Touch Control US

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Best Makeup Vanity Mirror with Lights Touch Control US

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Strengthened by Side-Emitting LED Strip Tech, this makeup mirror gives off diffuse light that is so bright to cover all corners of your face but also soft enough to protect your eyes from harsh fluorescent. This Makeup Vanity Mirror non-flickering light is eye-friendly and it has passed the UL safety test, gaining FCC, CE, and RoHS Certifications.

We chose the most frequently used lights in light designing—warm, cold, and natural light. You can apply either light or heavy makeup for any occasion perfectly: the warm light fits for soirees; the natural light has 97% of sunlight similarity and fits for outdoor occasions; the cool light fits for office makeups. From now on, say goodbye to wrong lights and imperfect makeup!

The 90° adjustable mirror enables you to shape & tweeze eyebrows in the most comfortable positions. The foldable design saves precious dresser room, and after folded, the mirror decorates your dresser with a delicate leather-like texture; long-press the touch button to adjust the brightness, its brightness-memory function also makes it easy for your next time use.

Produced by vacuum coating technique, this vanity mirror shapes accurate reflection without color cast and ambiguity, enabling you to apply flawless makeup. 1X/2X/3X magnifications give you the clarity even for precise applications, no matter for a sharp winged eyeliner, or a precise cut crease, you can have them easily!

Afraid of charging or cable bothers? Rest assured! The mirror supports either micro USB or 4×AA batteries for power supply, making lighting a snap. The delicate mirror of great functionality makes it a great gift for women. If you have any questions, contact us and we’ll provide a satisfying solution.

Portable Cosmetic Lighted Up Mirror

The non-slip mirror holder keeps your mirror firmly on the dresser. And at the bottom of the holder, a specially designed wavy holder keeps the brushes in place, making it easy to apply makeup.

The mirror adopts side-emitting LED technology, which allows the strip to emit diffused light that won’t harm your eyes. Meanwhile, the strip is made up of 72 high-quality LEDs and can easily light up every corner of your face, helping to apply the perfect makeup.

Turn on the mirror with the micro USB or with 4 AA batteries. The micro USB port can provide stable power for use, and if you don’t want cables on your dresser, choose batteries for power.


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